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Senior Show Date and A Final Print

I now have a date for my senior show! It will be Friday January 20. Again, the concept is a series of 5 paintings and surrounding process work based on fear. I hope to see any family and friends there who can make it!

On  a different note, I am in the midst of my last fall semester finals week of my undergraduate study. Some artwork has developed well and other areas are still filled with experimenting to display the concepts I create. As I said in my previous printmaking post, for my final portfolio I created some prints based on time. Time is something I struggle with in our society. As American’s we have a non-stop fast paced life-style. We jump from one thing to the next constantly. This is something that doesn’t always settle well with my tendencies as a processor. My priorities often don’t lie in how quickly I can complete a task, but the process and quality given to the task. So, it’s a frustration for  me but something I realize I need to conform to in order to function in this society. Along with this theme comes another aspect of time, time lost or seemingly taken away. I lost my grandmother the first week of this semester. The realization that someone who I looked up to and valued as much as I did and who shared in so many major aspects of my life is gone, is difficult. I’m sure many of you know this experience as well. So, several of my prints focused on the aspect of that lost time and the frustration that due to time, someone you care for will not be there for your graduation, holiday’s, celebrations, etc. any longer in your life.

Here is one of my final prints, probably the strongest one in my portfolio to give an idea of the work. The print is a combination of Lithography (text) with Intaglio (etched plate – in this case zinc).

Senior Show Update – Concept: Fear

Originally I was supposed to have my senior show here at Indiana Wesleyan November 28. Due to my project becoming more elaborate than originally planned and needing more time to develop with quality, I am showing after Christmas break, most likely in January one or two weeks after we return to campus.

So, I just wanted to let friends and family interested in coming know what my show is about. My main concept, is fear. How fear affects our lives and how it has personally affected mine. The main character, a young girl, comes face to face with fear when she is out one day. In a series of 5  23” x 30” scenes, she runs from environment to environment attempting to escape fear, but to no avail. No matter where she tries to go, he is there, even if in a slightly different form. In the end, she has to come to fear on her own and make a decision on how to face it, instead of ignoring it or running away.

The images are illustrated with my own character designs for the girl and fear in all his different forms. Along with the 5 images that will be shown, I will also be displaying important pieces of my process around each of the images. Some of the character designs, photos of environments/modeling, printmaking, etc.

Below are a couple concept sketches for the scenes, some 3D modeling I created for resource, and a few of the character designs as a bit of a preview — but there’s a lot more  and more to come!

Printmaking Continued – Linoleum Plate Print

So, this is definitely one of my least favorite processes of printmaking. I’ve done it before and it just never quite settles with me. For this one I did one of my process designs for a insect creature for the part of the background for one of my paintings for senior show. It turned out decently I thought, but at least I continue to learn from the development even if it doesn’t quite work. Printmaking has definitely started to make me think about some new ways to develop my illustration work and to incorporate a wider variety of mediums and development processes.

We’re moving onto our final prints for the class now and I’ve chosen a concept based on time. Focused around the pressure of deadlines for the sake of time=money, time that is sometimes taken from us in certain situations and our inability to control it, and how draining a time-focused social mentality can be. We’ll see if my printmaking experiments turn out…

Silk Screen Process

The next completed process in printmaking has been silk screen printing. I started out with a quick sketch in my notebook, then, revised as I painted it onto the silk screen. The second image is the print off of the silk screen. It was a pretty fun process and will be fun to experiment further in the future. The blimp/hot air balloon combo was something new and fun for me and I’m planning to incorporate the design in one of my images for my senior show here at Indiana Wesleyan University. I’m really enjoying learning some new processes throughout this class. The more you push new ways of doing things it often gives you new and more creative ways to push your concepts.


So, like I said in my previous post, I’m posting some of my processes from printmaking. Mainly just to show what I’ve been learning and how some of my processes worked and some didn’t, etc. I’m keeping the concepts pretty simple on these prints as I learn the technique side of this. So here’s my first print using intaglio and incorporating aquatint (2nd image) and attempted texture on the final image.