New Work

As an Illustration major at IWU, I am continuing to work on projects for my classes as well as trying to squeeze in as many of my own projects as I can. The semester is moving along so I will soon be able to be posting new works. These pieces will be adapting as I do, experimenting with new media and developing my style and where I want to go with my art. This will be an interesting time for my work, in that I’m learning new areas in art and am looking at taking a new step in reaching toward maturing my work and style and growing to as professional a level as I can at this time. So this is a transition time for me and my work, as I am in the last half of my time in an undergraduate program. Even though there is the fear and doubt of going through this transition, I’m pushing through and keeping God as my foundation and asking Him what He wants of me and my artwork. So, I will work through this transition and hopefully triumph through this time.


If you want to see some of my work, just hit the ‘artwork’ tab in the upper right. There’s also a storyboarding section with some work that I have done in a storyboarding class on my campus. Feel free to check it out!

Intro to my work!

Artwork is up! Not all of course, I have quite a bit on hand. Projects from being in art programs in high school and now projects from my first two years of college as well as things I do on my own time. I will continue to put some things up, I don’t know if how I’m putting things on here is the best way to display them, but it’s the only way I know how right now until I figure this all out! I’ve never blogged or had a blog site before. So, through some trial and error I will hopefully figure it all out at some point. For now, I just want to introduce myself and what this site is for. I’m an illustration major at Indiana Wesleyan University (Or IWU as we call it.) IWU is a small, private, Christian campus. I am a believer in Christ and am hoping to find something to do as an artist that will provide a way to express that faith or if anything, just be able to stand as a strong Christ believer in the world of art. Ultimately, I simply want to be able to show some of my work so friends and family can see what all I am up to as I’m studying at college and so that the more I may, (at some point), begin involving myself more into galleries and introducing myself and my work I can give a place for those interested to view my pieces. For those who have already visited to see my work, thank you so much! And I’m an artist learning the ropes of things and will hopefully continue to have more pieces and info. for all who are interested!