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Updated Website

Sorry, I disappeared for a while. July – September have been crazy with work and I got engaged the end of July, so wedding planning has commenced! Anyways, I recently updated my website. So please feel free to check it out. There’s a bit of a new layout, some new imagery and I will be adding a few new illustrations soon as well.




Past and Hidden Sketches: Part II

For the past couple of months I have been posting old sketchbook drawings on my facebook page, Bess A. Yontz Illustration. Here are a couple of the most recent postings. Both of these sketches were done a little over 2 years ago. Follow me on facebook for more past and hidden sketches!

Firebird Color Sketch Outside the walls color sketch

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Brain, mushroom, plant thingy

I’ve been wrapping up a painting for work and as usual I had some mixed paint left that I didn’t want to waste. Unless I have another painting going that I can use my extra paint for, (which I didn’t), then I use it for a small little painting to do just for fun and quick-paint whatever comes to mind. And in my moment of “you have two minutes, go!” this is what I got. A random, brain, mushroom, plant thingy. Enjoy!

Brain, Mushroom Plant Thingy Large copy