Poster Design for New Documentary

This year I had the pleasure of getting to create another film poster for Nanuq Original Film & TV.

Their new documentary, “Snow to Sand”, will be premiering October 28, 2018 at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Snow to Sand, Poster

To view the trailer, CLICK HERE.


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Design For “Spectrum”, a documentary with Dr. Temple Grandin and Tito Mukhopadyay, Directed by Jill Jones

I was asked by Spectrum’s director, Jill Jones, to create a title image/logo for her new documentary. “Spectrum” features Dr. Temple Grandin and Tito Mukhopadyay as they discuss Autism and sensory perception. You can check out the website to this great film by clicking on this link:!home/mainPage

This was a fun project for me as I was able to experiment more with digital work. I’m very focused on traditional materials, but for the practicality of posting on-line and the need for this to have a cleaner, logo feel, we decided to work digital. I hope you enjoy it and more so, get a chance to enjoy the great documentary, “Spectrum” upon its completion.


Here are a few detail images:


 This was a great project where I was able to really play around with things and continue defining my style through digital work.