Watercolor Sketch: Celestite, For Mom’s Journal

While my mom was in the hospital, my brother, his girlfriend and I stepped out for a bit and went to Barnes and Noble one evening. There, his girlfriend and I picked out journals with the intent that, should my mom be up for it, we could write down some things she wanted us to remember and possibly things for any future grandchildren. It was incredibly tough to ask her and for her to think about at that tough time.

We were never really able to use those journals in the hospital. There was never a slow moment and everything with her cancer went so fast and we lost her so quickly, that my journal sat empty. However, I knew that when I felt up for it, I would write as many things as I could so I’d have them to remember and pass on. I wanted to write and remember funny moments, words of wisdom, what she planted in her garden, her hopes and things she enjoyed about life. I decided that I’d combine it with drawings here and there of things she used to enjoy.

So, I began that project this weekend. On one page I did this little watercolor sketch of a rough-cut piece of Celestite. I chose this for two reasons. One was selfish. Illustrating rocks and stones has always been a weak point for me, so I wanted to get practicing on that. But, more importantly, my mom and I bought this mineral piece together at a rock and mineral show a couple years ago.Stone Watercolor FullMy mom always enjoyed geology and the study of rocks and minerals. I remember memorizing a chart of rocks and minerals back when I was about 5 years old that she had created in college. It was one of our favorite things to do together. Whenever we went somewhere in nature, she and I constantly looked for unique stones, fossils, anything that caught our eye.

Later, she and I began going to rock and mineral shows. (Geeky, I know, but actually very interesting and fun). There’s surprisingly quite a few of them. She and I were both fascinated by the variety of rocks and minerals and what part of the world they came from. My mom was also just as interested in the people who collected, hunted for and sold them. She loved listening to them and their stories.

She and I would pick out several favorites at the shows, (reasonable priced little pieces of course) and sprinkle them around our home decor. Certain colors and shapes relaxed us and we both always loved having natural elements around the home.

So, this little sketch now graces one of the journal pages and I hope to add more of the treasures we collected from the rock and mineral shows throughout the journal.

(Initial Celestite graphite sketch):

Stone Sketch

(Finished watercolor):

Stone Watercolor Close

(Up close):

Stone Watercolor Crop

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